The ability to track and report on your clients is an extraordinary opportunity! MyCollegeMax offers MCM Coaches the ability to track their clients through a private side of your MyCollegeMax customized web site. Tracking reports include:

  • how many sections of the assessments your client completed;
  • number of internships and similar experiences;
  • number of student groups/activities the student participates in;
  • how many times a student visits their career services office;
  • how many times a student volunteers while in college; and
  • how many leadership positions a student has.

While these variables are not the only predictors of success, it is well documented that when a student has engaged in the above manner, they are more likely to: graduate on time, have a higher GPA and accept a job either before or within three months of graduation. This ability to track clients will help you to recruit and retain clients, coach your clients based on the reports, and encourage activities critical to their long-term success. Few, if any college coaching programs offer this ability to track your clients. The following images are of the Dashboard, Student Usage Report, Student User List, and an example of your ability to download these reports in an Excel file

Tracking Dashboard

Student User List (used to reset passwords)

Student Report

Student Report Downloadable Excel File

Student Usage Report

Student Usage Report Downloadable Excel File