College Success Strategies for High School Students & Parents

Today's high school students tend to be overwhelmed by their college experience. This absolutely does not need to be the case. 

Dr. Steven Harvey combines his award winning college teaching, research, career counseling, management experience, and humorous approach to present a dynamic and powerful high school program that educates parents, students, and educators on how to prepare for and succeed in college.     

Dr. Harvey's goal is to highlight proven strategies in a single presentation that will greatly increase a future college student's odds of success in college and career!

Students will learn several easy strategies that they can implement in their first semester and parents will learn how to support their children. 

The 45 minute presentation is followed by a question and answer period where parents and students can ask questions about their future college experience. Dr. Harvey has a reputation as a dynamic speaker who uses humor and stories to engage the audience in a meaningful way. 

Rates for speaking engagements are $500 (additional travel expenses may be applied). Students attending Dr. Harvey's presentations are given 25% discounts on Dr. Harvey's consulting services and!  Pricing is available upon request for classroom and small venue presentations.