The biggest cause of failure in college is that students "don't know what they don't know."  The American education system works very hard to educate its students and holds teachers, schools, districts, and states accountable for student academic achievement.  This has resulted in excessive testing and the government's reliance on test scores to determine a student's ability.  The negative consequence of this over-dependence on examinations results in an educational system that does everything it can to ensure high test scores.  The problem occurs when students leave this environment marked by minimal individual freedom and an over-reliance on teachers and schools to guide their education and enter college where the opposite is true.  Essentially, students go from being the product of education to a consumer of education.  Being a consumer of education requires students to engage in their education at a level they have never performed at and consequently fail to accomplish, resulting in a large number of college dropouts, students taking 5 to 6 years to earn a 4 year degree and 3 years to earn a 2-year degree.  Finally, for those who do graduate, they are often greatly unprepared for their careers.  A presentation that details simple success strategies like going to professors' office hours, can greatly increase the chance of graduating well prepared for your future career.  (Click here to learn about CECA's College Readiness packages for students.)