Past Student-
Steve, You were an awesome teacher! I have recommended you to all of my friends. This was my favorite class to come to. Keep up the great work!
Buffalo State Student
Teacher Education Program
Past Student-
You and your book helped me tremendously. Last week I made the Buffalo Jills Cheerleading Team and I believe that everything you taught me about interviews played a huge role in making the team. Thanks again! Have a good summer. Kelsey Hernandez
Kelsey Hernandez
Past Student
Cradle Beach-
Outstanding presentation! Your expertise and passion came through!!!!
Tim Boling
Chief Executive Officer
Buffalo State Educational Foundations Department-
Your students obviously really like you and we (Buffalo State Educational Foundations Department) are very lucky to have you.
Dr. Capella
Chair (former)
University at Buffalo-
That was an outstanding presentation!
Adjunct Professor

I have never had a class like yours and I am truly thankful for it!
Israel "Izzy"
Past Student

I learned more in your class than all of my other college courses combined!
Past Student

I just thought that I should let you know that....you reached me!
Past Student