Research and Evaluation Capacity 

Dr. Harvey has managed a significant number of not-for-profit research and evaluation initiatives that have realized tremendous results for the agencies he has worked with including but not limited to:

  • Recognized by the Harvard Family Research Project for the development of a multivariate evaluation model, gaining national recognition for its design and ability to track participant outcomes and consequently author more competitive grants;
  • Conducted 4 federal research studies, acting as the Principal Investigator and partnering with the University at Buffalo, University of Missouri - St. Louis, Rutgers University, and Canisius College and implemented over 20 additional multi-year research projects.
  • Engaged in the development of a Multi-Year Strategic Plan and created a research vision that re-organized the agency to be better positioned for National expansion
  • Participated in the agency Marketing Task Force that re-aligned marketing efforts to a business-to-business model focusing on research outcomes
  • Instructed research classes for master's and doctoral students at the University at Buffalo, Graduate School of Education and Daemen College.
  • Published 27 times in international and national peer-reviewed journals, books, and trade publications

For more information on Dr. Harvey's credentials click on Academic Resume.

The CECA Edge

Dr. Harvey has conceptualized, developed and implemented numerous experimental and quasi-experimental studies; presented his research at international and national conferences; and published his work in a variety of peer-reviewed, trade, and popular publications.  This expertise helps his clients demonstrate evidence-based support for their programs and increases their ability to attract increased public and private funding.  This is accomplished through CECA's five step approach:

  1. Conduct a comprehensive review of existing research and evaluation efforts;
  2. Develop a logic model, theoretical framework, and other research documentation that details the programmatic connection to predicted outcomes;
  3. Conceptualize, develop, and implement rigorous research projects capable of being published in national and international academic journals;
  4. "Operationalize" the research by infusing outcomes throughout the grant writing, public relations, marketing, and donor development efforts of the agency; conduct research training for board members as well as full-time, part-time, and volunteer staff; and maintain an active research program; and
  5. Provide the highest quality research services at 1/4 to 1/3 the price of our competitors but which are many times more beneficial to the our clients.

See an Example of Our Work!

For an example of our work, visit Cradle Beach and click on Project SOAR.  All of the content under Cradle Beach's Our Work section is produced by CECA and it's associates.

Finally, due to the complex nature of conducting research, we are unable to publish a cost on the site.  However, we can say that while our research services are among the very best and more far more comprehensive than our competitors, they are often 1/2 of the cost of other research firms and 1/5 the cost of colleges and universities.  For more information on CECA's research services or how to combine CECA's grant writing and research services, please email Dr. Steven Harvey.  Thank you!