Not-for-Profit Grant Writing & Development

$24,941,504 RAISED! 

Dr. Harvey provides agencies with grant writing expertise backed by significant experience and success in the grant writing field.  He has authored Federal, State, Private Foundation, and Corporate Foundation grants and enjoys a very high success rate.  Each grant is approached with a high level of commitment and strong attention to detail resulting in highly competitive grants at the local, state and national levels.  Dr. Harvey works closely with agency staff and completes each project to the satisfaction of the client.   


Individual Grant Writing Costs:


Private Foundation Grant: $500 to $1500*

State Grant: $1500 to $3500*

Federal Grant: $3000 to $5500*

* Grant costs vary largely on number of pages and types of grants. 

Grant Writing Packages

Grant writing services can be secured one grant at a time or through packages.   Grant writing packages consist of either multiple grants written at a discounted rate or a combination of research and grant writing services at a discounted rate. For more information, email Dr. Steven Harvey