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Dr. Steven Harvey, President of CECA, offers a number of consulting services for not-for-profit agencies.  His experience in the not-for-profit field is extensive, engaging in grant writing, evaluation and research, strategic planning, and marketing.  Dr. Harvey is employed as the Vice President of Research and Program Funding by EPIC - Every Person Influences Children, Inc., a national not-for-profit agency headquartered in Buffalo, New York.  In that position, Dr. Harvey achieved the following accomplishments:

  • Raised over $11,200,000 in Federal, State, Private Foundation, and Corporate Foundation grants in a four-year time span;
  • Recognized by the Harvard Family Research Project for the development of a multi-variable evaluation model, gaining national recognition for its design and ability to track participant outcomes and consequently author more competitive grants;
  • Conducted four Quasi-Experimental Research Studies, acting as the Principal Investigator and agency liaison with higher education partners including the University at Buffalo, University of Missouri - St. Louis, Rutgers University, and Canisius College.
  • Engaged in the development of a Multi-Year Strategic Plan and created a vision that re-organized the agency to be better positioned for National expansion
  • Participated in the agency Marketing Task Force that re-aligned marketing efforts to a business-to-business model

Dr. Steven Harvey and CECA provide high quality services that are impactful and are measured by quantifiable results.  The following services are provided to our not-for-profit clients:

Grant Writing  - ( Return to the top )

Dr. Harvey provides agencies with grant writing expertise backed by significant experience and success in the grant writing field.  He has authored Federal, State, Private Foundation, and Corporate Foundation grants and enjoys a very high success rate.  Each grant is approached with a high level of commitment and strong attention to detail resulting in highly competitive grants at the local, state and national levels.  Dr. Harvey will work closely with agency staff, provide a detailed list of hours committed to the grant writing project, and complete each project to the satisfaction of the client.

Grant Writing Testimonials  - ( Return to the top )

    Steve wrote one of the best applications we received for this national competition. (Mutual of America Foundation Community Partnership Award)

Theodore L Herman
Vice Chairman, Mutual of America Foundation

    I read all of the (US Department of Education) PIRC applications and yours was very impressive, the best one we read.

Suzzane Bouffard
Project Manager, PIRC, Harvard Family Research Project

    You are a genius!  No one writes a grant better than you.

Susan Barlow
Executive Director, Parent Network of WNY

    You write a great grant!

June Barrow
Assistant Superintendent, Buffalo Public Schools

 Evaluation and Research - ( Return to the top )

Dr. Harvey is one of only a few research professionals employed by a not-for-profit in Western New York who is fully committed to evaluation, research, and grant writing.  Dr. Harvey earned his Ph.D. from the University at Buffalo, Graduate School of Education where he developed a reputation for being a highly efficient and effective researcher.

Dr. Harvey's primary research methodology is qualitative/ethnographic research.  While at the University at Buffalo Graduate School of Education, Dr. Harvey authored a Qualitative Research Manual utilized by the Educational Foundations department in its Qualitative Methods course.  This manual demonstrates the manual application of theoretical principles of ethnographic research.  Grounded in the research of Bogden and Bogden as well as McMillan and Schumacher, the manual details exact methods for analyzing transcribed data from qualitative methods like but not limited to: observations, individual interviews and focus groups.

Dr. Harvey is an Adjunct Faculty member for the University at Buffalo's Graduate School of Education and Buffalo State College's Educational Foundations Department where he instructs courses in the foundations of education as well as research methods.  As the instructor for UB's Methods of Inquiry, Dr. Harvey taught masters and doctoral level students the science behind quantitative and qualitative research.  In addition, he offered his expertise to a variety of doctoral candidates conducting their dissertation research and writing.  The basis for strong research rests in the ability to look at a situation from a number of angles.  Dr. Harvey's experience with both qualitative and quantitative research allows for that to occur. 

Dr. Harvey's research approach is simple: ensure the integrity of your research by respecting your participants, respecting the data, and by producing a report that is beneficial in a manner of identifying issues, examining opportunities for additional research, and offering perspectives on findings.  In addition to a variety of books and non-research articles, Dr. Harvey has published two major research articles published in peer-reviewed journals (See Academic Resume in the About Us section).  These articles are both qualitative research articles, summarize two different year-long initiatives, and have been cited in a variety of academic publications across the world.

Dr. Harvey is currently involved in 4 quasi-experimental quantitative studies and collaborates with four higher education institutions.  This expertise greatly benefits his clients who desire to enhance their evaluation, engage in research that will provide evidence-based support for their programs, and lead to increased ability to attract public and private funding.

Evaluation and Research Testimonials - ( Return to the top )

    By far, you have greatly improved the evaluation process at EPIC considerably.   You're efficient, you know what you're doing, and it is an absolute pleasure to work with you.

Dr. Gregory Wood
Chair, Marketing Department Canisius College

    You have done an incredible job of creating a logic model for each of the 80 agencies involved in the Read to Succeed initiative to use as they apply for funding from area foundations.

Helene Kramer
Executive Director, Good Schools for All and Convener of Read to Succeed Coalition

    We would love to have you on as a full-time faculty!

Dr. "Betty" Cappella
Former Chair, Educational Foundations Department at Buffalo State College