MyCollegeMax (MCM) Regional Associate

An MCM Regional Associate is an organization that wants to grow a region with Non-Profit and Corporate MCM Associates.  This is a revenue sharing model that provides MCM Regional Associates multi-county regions within a state or territory that they can grow and build residual revenue streams. For more information, email Dr. Steve Harvey, CEO

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Advantages of Becoming an MCM Regional Associate

  • You build your region and become a leader in student programs;
  • You benefit from all of the resources provided by MyCollegeMax, including trainings;
  • You gain access to strategies to expand your services and impact;
  • You expand your programming footprint, increase the numbers of individuals served, and build your organizational profile; and
  • Your  long-term sustainability is part of MyCollegeMax's approach to supporting you and will provide you everything you need to succeed.