Resume & Cover Letter Package

Resume & Cover Letter Package ($299): There is only one way a resume needs to be written, PERFECTLY!  Dr. Harvey has written thousands of resumes and boasts a 100% satisfaction rate among his clients over the past 18 years.  Dr. Harvey constructs each resume personally, ensuring that every last detail is just right and that the client has the best possible presentation of his or her credentials.  Most resume writers, even those charging $600 to $800 for a resume and another $100 for a cover letter use "canned" resume writing software.  This means that they fill in fields and the software program generates the resume using a template.  This is the absolute least effective way to write a resume.  The single biggest mistake made by job applicants and many "professional" resume writers is that they sell the client short.  Dr. Harvey ensures that each one of his resumes is customized in a manner that optimizes impact, provides comprehensive details of qualifications, and lands the candidate an interview (the principle goal of a resume). 

In addition to a high impact resume, a cover letter needs to communicate to the employer two or three important credentials that support your candidacy.  Cover letters need to be concise, complementary to the resume but not repetitive, and demonstrate writing ability and communication style.  For a highly competitive price, approximately $500 LESS THAN his competitors, Dr. Harvey will construct the highest quality resume and cover letter that will demonstrate your potential to future employers!  All clients receive a MS Word Document and PDF of their resume and Cover Letter.  For clients who prefer CECA to do updates, an resume update is also available.

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