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CECA services and products offer a range of opportunities to better position individuals to advance in their education and careers.  Each service and product has been developed through extensive research and is marked by years of successful implementation and client satisfaction.  Please examine each offering and do not hesitate to contact Dr. Harvey to set up a meeting, if you have any questions, or if you do not see something that you are looking for.  Thank you for your interest!

Future College Students and Their Parents - ( Return to the top )

Every year millions of high school students graduate and go on to college ill prepared to succeed in an educational environment that is distinctly different than the high school environment they are accustom to.  The statistics support this unfortunate and costly reality.

  • Approximately 50% of all college students fail to earn a college degree, cutting their earning potential in half and leaving them to pay back loans for an incomplete college degree.
  • Approximately 75% of all college students take 5 or 6 years to graduate (60% taking 6 years), costing public college students approximately $45,000 to $90,000 and private college students approximately $80,000 to over $150,000 in real and opportunity costs
  • A 2006 study from the American Institutes for Research states that "It is disturbing that 50% of students at four-year colleges and 75% of students at two-year colleges are graduating with a degree and they cannot perform many 'complex but common literacy tasks' like reading a food label, understanding arguments in newspaper editorials, comparing credit card offers, or interpreting tables and graphs". 

CECA's College Readiness Packages are designed to help the future college student select a major based on scientifically validated assessments, increasing the likelihood of graduating in four years, earning higher grades, and helping them to develop critical skills necessary for success in the job market or graduate/professional school.  Moreover, the Packages will teach students how to take control of their education, separate themselves from their competition, and increase their chances of landing a terrific job that they can succeed in.  There are two levels of CECA College Readiness Packages.

    College Readiness Package ($350): This package is designed to work directly with future college students and provide them with an opportunity that most college students do not have through traditional high school offerings.  The package consists of:

    • First Session: Dr. Harvey will meet with the student and provide the assessments and directions on how to complete them.  In addition, students will be educated on the process and what they can expect from their College Readiness Package experience.
    • Second Session: During the second session, Dr. Harvey will interpret the assessments and provide each client with two different summary reports and a comprehensive narrative, allowing the client to better understand their findings.  In addition, Dr. Harvey will explain the next steps for choosing a major and provide and review his book "College to Career: How 4 Years of College Can Determine 40 Years of Career".

    College Readiness Advance Package ($550): In addition to including the first two sessions of the College Readiness Package, this Advanced Package provides a third session with parents and their students to discuss a parent's role in the collegiate success of their child.  The Third Session is designed to educate parents on how high school and college differ, what a college student needs to do to be successful, and the role a parent plays in fostering the success of their college student.  In addition, it is an opportunity for a parent to ask Dr. Harvey, a current college faculty member, published researcher, former college career counselor, and director at a national organization, questions about college success, transitioning from high school to college and college to career, and other topics they would like to explore. The Third Session lasts 1 and 1/2 hours.

    College to Career: How 4 Years of College Can Determine 40 Years of Career ($50):
    This highly innovative book helps students ready themselves as they enter college, discusses what they need to do while they are in college to gain an edge over their competition, and details how to prepare for a successful transition to the job market or graduate/professional school. College students at the University at Buffalo preferred this book 3 to 1 over the nationally published books and rated it as "Exceptional."

Click here for the table of contents, more information on this incredible resource, and how to order.

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Freshman Year Coach! - ( Return to the top )

Each year millions of high school graduates head off to college.  As they arrive on campus, there is little familiarity with their surroundings and with the new environment which places them in complete charge of their educational and personal decisions.  Many college freshmen are more than capable of succeeding in college but fail to connect their college experience to their future careers, with over 50% dropping out before they graduate  The idea of a Freshmen Year Coach came to mind when I read an article in an educational journal that identified the freshmen year of college as the most critical year for overall collegiate success.  Instinctually, I already knew that but what I found unfortunate is the lack of attention that freshmen get from colleges and universities across the country and the simple things that freshmen can do to increase the probability of their future success.  With the number one reason to go to college being to secure a job upon graduation, the freshmen year can greatly impact the next three years of college as well as decades beyond their college experience.

The Freshmen Year Coach provides college freshmen with the following services each semester:

    The following list is delivered in both the Fall and Spring Semesters:

  • Weekly contacts through email directing students to engage in their education in a manner that is unmatched in the traditional collegiate environment (these contacts are customized and do not come from a database of recommendations)
  • Email updates for the student's parents three times a semester
  • One, one-hour phone conference with parents each semester
  • Responds to email inquiries from the student (15 emails or approximately one inquiry per week in the semester)
  • End of the semester phone meeting on "What's next?"
  • The following list is delivered in the Summer after the Freshmen Year:

  • Use the "What's next?" discussion to identify 3 things a student can do to become more competitive in their future career search
  • Respond to 10 email inquires from the student throughout the summer
  • Email updates to the parents two times in the summer

The above services are designed to focus on the student and to transition the college freshmen into a professional student capable of managing his or her own education.  In addition, by keeping parents in the "loop," the critical support network for students is on the same page and capable of more effectively supporting their student as he or she works toward their professional goals.  The fee for this service is$1,250.00.

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High School Presentations on College Success - ( Return to the top )

Today's high school students tend to be overwhelmed by their college experience and consequently, more than half fail to earn a college degree. Those that eventually earn a college degree usually take 5 to 6 years to do so. This, however, does not need to be the case.  Dr. Harvey, through his teaching, counseling, consulting, and management experience, as well as by successfully graduating at the young age of 26 with a Ph.D., M.Ed., and B.S., has authored the book "College to Career: How 4 Years of College Can Determine 40 Years of Career" and created a complementary high school presentation that educates parents and students on how to succeed in college.  Having presented to audiences across the country and teaching at the college level for over 10 years, Dr. Harvey utilizes his extensive knowledge about education and careers in the development and presentation of this dynamic program. 

Why a high school presentation is needed: The biggest cause of failure in college is that students "don't know what they don't know."  The American education system works very hard to educate its students and holds teachers, schools, districts, and states accountable for student academic achievement.  This has resulted in excessive testing and the government's reliance on test scores to determine a student's ability.  The negative consequence of this over-dependence on examinations results in an educational system that does everything it can to ensure high test scores.  The problem occurs when students leave this environment marked by minimal individual freedom and an over-reliance on teachers and schools to guide their education and enters college where the opposite is true.  Essentially, students go from being the product of education to a consumer of education.  Being a consumer of education requires students to engage in their education at a level they have never been expected to and consequently fail to accomplish, resulting in a large number of college dropouts, students taking 5 to 6 years to earn a 4 year degree, and graduates being greatly unprepared for their careers after they graduate.

Click here to learn about CECA's College Readiness packages for students.

What students and parents take away from the presentation: The presentation by Dr. Harvey communicates critical differences between K-12 and college as well as strategies that greatly increase students' chances of graduating and entering and succeeding in their career of choice.  Parents and students of all academic abilities will benefit equally from the presentation and will gain a greater understanding of their individual roles in the future college student's success.  The 45 minute presentation is followed by a 15 minute question and answer period and, when hosted by the school, a reception where parents and school personnel can interact and personally connect with Dr. Harvey.  Schools can also purchase copies of Dr. Harvey's book "College to Career: How 4 Years of College Can Determine 40 Years of Career" at bulk rates for participants and/or high school seniors or the books can be made available for purchase by parents and students after the presentation.

Why not wait until college to learn success strategies? There are two reasons why this presentation needs to occur in high school.  First, this presentation puts students at a distinct advantage the moment they first step foot onto the college campus, separating them from their competition before they even attend their first college course. Second, colleges are not designed to "hand-hold" or guide students through their college education and therefore, it is likely if the student does not hear this in high school, they may never hear it!

For more information on the presentations, please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Harvey to schedule an appointment.

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Career Consulting - ( Return to the top )

There are over 47,000 options one can take when deciding on what career to choose.  That's how many jobs there are in the Dictionary of Occupational Titles put out by the US Department of Labor.  The best way to effectively choose a career is to use high quality assessments in conjunction with a professional consultant with the expertise to guide you.  Dr. Steven Harvey has worked in the field of educational and career consulting for over 15 years and has authored research in national career and educational peer reviewed journals.  He has presented on various educational and career topics and has extensive background in educational and vocational theory (See the About Us section of this web site for Dr. Harvey's bio and a copy of his academic resume).

Career Decision Making ($350): Most Career Consultants use assessments that examine interests only or focus on personality, both of which are not strong predictors of future career satisfaction.  Dr. Harvey uses two assessments that examine five critical variables in choosing a career, Needs, Abilities, Values, Work Temperaments, and Interests.  These five variables combine to create a complete picture of the client and are used in a detailed process to select the best possible career, leading to increased likelihood of job satisfaction and success.

The CECA Career Decision Making package is two sessions:

    • First Session: Dr. Harvey will meet with the client and provide the assessments and directions on how to complete them.  In addition, clients will be educated on the process and what they can expect from their Career Decision Making package experience.
    • Second Session: During the second session, Dr. Harvey will interpret the assessments and provide each client with two different summary reports and a comprehensive narrative, allowing the client to better understand their findings.  Clients will leave confident and with clear direction of the next steps they need to take to choose their career.

General Consulting ($75 1st hour, $50 each hour after): Dr. Harvey can address a wide-array of educational and career issues.  Most consulting sessions are complemented with follow-up by Dr. Harvey and additional resources provided via email or phone.

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Resume, Cover Letter, and Professional Writing Services - ( Return to the top )

Resume Writing ($375): There is only one way a resume needs to be written, PERFECTLY!  Dr. Harvey has written thousands of resumes and boasts a 100% satisfaction rate among his clients over the past 15 years.  Dr. Harvey constructs each resume personally, ensuring that every last detail is just right and that the client has the best possible presentation of his or her credentials.  Most resume writers, even those charging $300 to $600 use "canned" resume writing software.  This means that they fill in fields and the software program generates the resume using a template.  This is the absolute least effective way to write a resume.  The single biggest mistake made by novice and other "professional" resume writers is that they sell the client short.  Dr. Harvey ensures that each one of his resumes is customized in a manner that optimizes impact, provides comprehensive details of qualifications, and lands the candidate an interview (the principle goal of a resume). 

Cover Letters ($35): Just as important as the resume, is the complete package a well written cover letter can provide a candidate.  Cover letters need to be concise, complementary to the resume but not repetitive, and demonstrate writing ability and communication style.  Dr. Harvey will construct a cover letter to go along with a clients resume, providing the client with an application package that is complete and highly effective.

Other Writing Services (Fees vary): Dr. Harvey has provided support and his writing services to clients writing college application essays, papers, theses, dissertations, professional letters, teaching philosophies, and other documents.  Please contact Dr. Harvey for inquiries and fees for service.

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