College Success Institute ($500)

According to the National Center for Educational Statistics, the 6-year graduation rate was 61 percent at public institutions, 67 percent at private nonprofit institutions, and 25 percent at private for-profit institutions, with about 45% of students never earning a degree.  The College Success Institute is designed to increase the likelihood of students graduating in 4 years, being highly competitive, and engaging in strategies that propel their success. Topics covered in multi-day Institute::

  • Choosing the Right Major and College: Reviews the 4 career assessments in and walk students through choosing their future major and key things to consider when choosing the right college.

  • Preparing for College Success: Provides students with strategies to separate themselves from their competition as high school students and then as college students. This program reviews activities that many students fail to consider but which colleges, employers, and graduate schools rate very highly and often expect.

  • Developing a Leadership Plan for College and Beyond: Creats a leadership plan is a strategy that is a tremendous benefit for students who aspire to highly competitive careers.  This is a must attend for any student who seeks to hold leadership positions, who will attend graduate/medical/law school, and who wants to set themselves apart from their competition.

  • Acing Your First Semester and Year of College: Outlines specific strategies every college freshmen should implement in their first two semesters of college. With only 33% of college freshmen graduating in 4 years public colleges & universities) this seminar aims to esnure that your future college student graduates in 4 years, saving an average of $136,000 spent on 2 extra years of college.

  • 3 Top-Tens: Outlines strategies prior to college, during the first semseter and over the first year.

  • Graduating On-Time: Describes specific steps to take to ensure you graduate in 4 years.

The College Success Institute includes membership to ($349 value), three, 4-hour sessions, and is designed to maximize the college experience.

High Schools & Non-Profit Organizations

We offer high school and non-profit discounts. For details, email Dr. Steve Harvey