Why hire a college coach?

As your college coach I will help you identify your goals and strategies to achieve those goals in the most efficient manner.

Coaching will help you to maximize your academic success and career preparation while minimizing the cost of your college education by increasing the likelihood of graduating in 4 years. These efforts potentially save families over $68,000 to $136,000 for a public college education. For high school students, my comprehensive strategy will help you:

  • Select the very best major based on self-assessments and professional coaching;
  • Engage in activities that will greatly increase your readiness for college;
  • Set goals for when you visit and evaluate colleges, write admission essays, complete your college applications, and make your final college choice; and
  • Increase the likelihood of finding the best college to match your chosen major, campus preferences, and career goals;

As your coach during college, I will ensure that you are asking the right questions, engaging in the most beneficial activities, and developing the skills you need to attract the best employers or graduate school programs. For college students, my comprehensive strategy will help you:

  • Build a strong and highly competitive resume while in college;
  • Engage in high impact experiences that employers are seeking;
  • Do well in your classes so you earn a high GPA;
  • Address any questions, concerns, or issues you face during college; and
  • Utilize the services and tools available on college campuses to get the most out of your college experience.

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