Advancing the Missions of Non-Profit Agencies

The following services are designed to be efficient, cost-effective, results-oriented, and high impact. These services benefit from over 25 years of non-profit executive leadership and quantifiable success as a non-profit leader.

Strategic Planning

I embrace a straight forward approach to strategic planning that benefits from an inclusive and collaborative effort; an exhaustive examination of historical operations, priorities, and accomplishments; and the development of quantifiable priorities, goals, and objectives. Marked by a results-oriented process, the final strategic plan is a fluid document that should be re-visited periodically and updated if necessary to reflect evolving priorities. Processes to incorporate the strategic plan in agency operations, goal setting, and oversight will be developed for agency leadership.

Grant Writing

Grants are the single largest source of revenue for most non-profit agencies. Over the last 15 years, I have authored grants including several perfectly scored federal grants and national awards, securing over $24,941,504 in funding. I believe this success is based on strong attention to detail, working collaboratively with organizational clients, strategic visioning, and 25 years of executive and managerial experience.

Evaluation & Research

Every non-profit agency believes its programs have the intended impact. A strong evaluation program will 1) demonstrate that impact, 2) identify opportunities to improve your programs, and 3) assist you with securing additional funding. The key to a successful evaluation model is a comprehensive analysis of the target programs and populations, the development of comprehensive evaluation instruments, and the articulation of the three levels of outcomes, initial (intrinsic), intermediate (behavioral) and impact (did the outcome you expect actually happen).

What differentiates my evaluation and research services from others is I help to "operationalize" the results of the research throughout all aspects of the agency: grant writing, marketing, development, staff development, volunteer management, governance, and more. This maximizes your investment in evaluating and researching your programs.

Executive Coaching & Leadership Development

Executive Coaching and Leadership Development targets chief executive officers, presidents, vice presidents, directors, and young professionals that play a critical role in the success of your organization. Leadership development programs include the 360 Leadership Practices Inventory and other assessments, face-to-face coaching, group facilitation with clients, and ongoing communications (calls, emails, and texting). Programs vary depending on need; the number of individuals being coached; and company-defined priorities, goals, and objectives. Regardless of the size of your company, our leadership programs are about results and helping you achieve your organizational goals. Therefore, every leadership program will be complemented by the identification, measurement, and presentation of key organizational goals.

Agency Leadership Development Program

The Agency Leadership Development Program works to develop the skills of the agency leader (executive director, CEO, president, etc.) by collaborating with the board of directors, community peers, agency leader, direct reports, and agency staff. This is a year-long program designed to advance the mission of the agency through the development of its top leaders. 

For more information, Email Dr. Steve Harvey.