When are you ready for change?

There is so much evidence out there about how people are uncomfortable with change. This may be true, but it ignores the return on investment when you put effort, passion, and vision into positive changes in your life. One thing I learned about success is, change is an integral part of it. My philosophy for change is simple.

  1. Seek change because no change is boring and de-motivating.
  2. Change for the sake of change is dumb.  Change with the goal of growth and achievement, is awesome.
  3. Change is risky. That risk my be calculated. The more you plan and prepare, the less risk their is. But you will always have some level of risk.
  4. Nothing worthwhile in life comes without risk and effort.
  5. Lack of change is risky. By avoiding change you will also avoid growth and happieness.
  6. Change builds autonomy. Change with purpose builds a drive for mastery. Mastery is intriniscally seeking a better you.

Bottom line, humans were developed to evolve into something better. Societies have evolved and so have civilizations. Why shouldn't we do the same. Start with small changes in your life. Make them uncomfortable but not impossible. Then add more challenging changes until you find that deep, intrinsic motivation which is unrelenting. In doins so, you will enrich your life immeasurably.